Advanced AI-Driven Debt Management

PredicAI by Lunash is designed to enhance debt management through advanced AI-driven insights. This solution empowers financial institutions to make informed decisions, optimize recovery strategies, and improve overall efficiency. PredicAI offers a window into the future, designed with Indonesian market specificities in mind. It’s not just about data; it’s about foresight, tailored strategies, and maintaining the delicate balance between recovery and respect.

Propensity To Pay

Predicts the likelihood of payment from each borrower, enabling targeted interventions. This feature helps prioritize efforts where they are most likely to yield results.

Self Cure Probability

Estimates the chance of borrowers self-resolving their debts without intervention. By understanding self-cure rates, institutions can allocate resources more effectively.

Collection Priority Level

Ranks borrowers to prioritize collection efforts based on risk and potential recovery. This ensures that high-risk accounts receive the necessary attention.

Recommended Outreach Channel

Identifies the most effective communication channel for engaging each specific borrower. Whether it’s email, phone calls, or text messages, this feature tailors outreach strategies to maximize engagement.
Increased Efficiency: Streamline operations by focusing on borrowers most likely to pay and using the most effective communication methods.
Improved Recovery Rates: Enhanced decision-making leads to higher recovery rates and lower delinquency.
Cost Reduction: Optimize resource allocation to reduce costs associated with debt recovery.

How it works

PredicAI leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics to provide actionable insights. It continuously learns and adapts to new data, ensuring that predictions and recommendations remain accurate and relevant.

Improve Your Repayment Rate Today

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