Advanced Borrower Reconnections

TraceLink by Lunash goes deeper, leveraging local insights to reconnect with borrowers. It’s about understanding the community, from WhatsApp usage to navigating the GalBay dynamics, ensuring lenders are always a step ahead.

Multiple Phone Number Check

Detects all phone numbers linked to an individual and identifies the most recently active number to ensure reliable connections.

WhatsApp Detection

Checks if a phone number is associated with a WhatsApp account and distinguishes between personal and business use.

Healthcare Info

Utilizes healthcare registration data to pinpoint a borrower’s proximity area at the district level

User Identification

Confirms the authenticity of the phone number’s owner, verifying correct user details.
Enhanced Connection Rates: Improve the chances of reaching borrowers by using the most current and accurate contact information.
Accurate Borrower Profiles: Build more accurate profiles of borrowers with comprehensive verification and data points.
Efficient Resource Allocation: Allocate resources more effectively by targeting verified and active contact points.

How it works

TraceLink uses sophisticated data analysis and local insights to verify and reconnect with borrowers. This tool ensures you have the most reliable and relevant contact information, enhancing the effectiveness of your outreach efforts

Reconnect With Your Borrower Today

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